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Tibet Ad Irks Viewers
Non Voice call center jobs at Banglore
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CTA Seeks Qualified and Dedicated Tibetans for its Worldwide Offices
In view of the prevailing critical situation of the Tibet issue, the Central Tibetan Administration desires to expand and reinforce its diplomatic activities at the international level. We, therefore, more
Central Tibetan Administration to Facilitate Projects on Tibet's Cultural Preservation
The Central Tibetan Administration will provide some financial contribution to the Tibetan educational institutions, non-governmental organisations and individuals for their projects on the preservation and promotion of Tibetan culture. [Detail]
Tibetan Parliament to extend its 7th Session till 27th March 09
Dharamsala: As announced earlier by the Tibetan Parliament Secretariat, the 7th session of the 14th Parliament-in-exile has been extended to six days. It will take place from 9 to 27 March 2009. The members of Parliament have to report at the Parliamentary Secretariat on 8 March.
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Dharamsala,31 Dec,2010: Dharamsala received it's first snow-fall of this season on 30 Dec, around 11 night. Town is in a grip of cold weather and likely to get more snowfall in days to come.
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Greens threaten China boycott through Marrickville Mayor Fiona Byrne
Source: Daily Telegraph,26 Feb, 2011
Marrickville Mayor Fiona Byrne, who is running for the state seat, has revealed her council would consider boycotting China out of sympathy for Tibetans.

Dalai Lama’s family to finish US walk
Source: AP,26 Feb, 2011
A brother and two sons of the Dalai Lama's nephew say they'll complete his walk to bring attention to the campaign for freedom in Chinese-controlled Tibet, picking up where Jigme Norbu man died last week in Florida.

Police Crack Down on Banned Songs
Source: RFA,26 Feb, 2011
Tibetans can be fined, jailed and beaten if caught with forbidden songs on their mobile phones.

Tibet Lobby Day in Washington next week
Source: PTI,26 Feb, 2011
Tibetan-Americans and Tibet supporters from across the US will be in Washington next week to participate in the third Tibet Lobby day, during which they would ask their Congressional representatives for concrete legislative measures to promote a political solution for Tibet.

China calls for renewed fight against Dalai Lama
Source: BBC,25 Feb, 2011
A senior Chinese leader says Beijing should launch a fresh struggle against the influence of the Dalai Lama in Tibet.

Sitting down with the Tibetan Prime Minister-in-exile
Source: Himal,25 Feb, 2011
Himal’s contributor questions Professor Samdhong Rinpoche on challenges faced by the exiled Tibetan community and on negotiations regarding the future of Tibet.

U.S. Ambassador dedicates Tibetan Refugee Reception Center
Source:, ,

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